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An emPOWER membership is the perfect way to support you and your fitness journey no matter your age, size, fitness or strength level. Not only will you attend small group fitness sessions, a membership ensures:

+ you stay accountable:

when you don't feel like training after a long day at work or rough start to the morning, it can be so easy to not prioritise your training BUT exercise is the number one way to boost your energy, reduce stress, improve sleep and help you tackle whatever the day throws at you. 

+ you are supported in every way possible:

whether its through that extra 1-on-1 support you receive by the trainer in a session or seeing familiar faces in the group each week or through the support you receive with the extra additions in the membership - you will feel welcomed, listened to and apart of an empowering community. 

+ you will see progress in your strength and wellness:

Random workouts + a random routine only slows down results and makes you feel like whatever you are doing is not working. By following along with a specifically designed program and being consistent, you will see results and feel yourself get stronger.  You will also learn the skills to maintain it so no matter if you continue emPOWER classes, start working out on your own or start to lift heavier - you will have the knowledge and power to continue making progress confidently. 



Personalised Small Group Training Sessions

Every session is tailored to suit you and your individualised goals plus any injuries and how you feel on the day. 

The spots available in each session is limited to create a more welcoming environment, where the trainer knows your name and goals. You are surrounded by familiar faces each week, of other women who are all taking the time out of their busy schedule to create the best version of themselves


Welcome Pack Filled With Extra Goodies

Once you attend your first official class, you will receive a welcome pack filled with extra information, helpful resources, special offers from local businesses and a few goodies to make you feel special. These packs are to say "congratulations on taking the first step in the right direction for a stronger and healthier you". 


Exclusive Facebook Group For Extra Support, Guidance and Resources 

The exclusive Facebook groups will create a supportive community where you can ask any questions related to health, fitness and motherhood. 

You will also be able to ask Toni any specific questions for more personalised health advice. 

It will also contain at home workouts, recipes, motivation tips and...

Live Q&A's / Webinars on topics such as pelvic floor, postpartum recovery, hormone balance, nutrition and more!

There are different membership options to suit your schedule and payment preferences. Because we are unable to change the website's booking system, the following list may seem a bit overwhelming.

Please use the below steps to choose the right membership option for you.

If you have any trouble, please send an email and we will help find the right one for you. 


1. Choose the time you prefer:

2. Choose your commitment level:
+ 1x = one session per week 
+ 2x = two sessions per week 
+ PLUS = 2x sessions plus a Super Saturday session per week

3. Choose your payment preference:
+ FULL = pay in full, upfront payment
+ WEEKLY = weekly direct debit

4. Find the membership option that suits above
Example: if you'd like to attend 2x sessions per week of emPOWER classes, in the morning and pay weekly you would select:
the emPOWER AM 2x WEEKLY membership option