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To book into your weekly Super Saturday Session:

+ Click on the button below, book the Saturday you are after and pay online

+ If there is no session on the calendar for the upcoming Saturday, that means our monthly excursion is on.

To book into the Monthly Excursion:

+ Click on the button below to see all the important details about the upcoming excursion.

+ Book in and complete payment to secure your spot. 

+ Please note: monthly excursions will vary in price, location and spots available. 

To book into a Restore or emPOWER Session:

Due to having limited numbers, there are no casual bookings for these sessions unless there are spots available. If you'd like to join these sessions, check out the program details and membership options here:


Or send an email to to express your interest and we can let you know if there are spots available for a casual session.

If you are already a member:

+ Use the below buttons to select your chosen program and to book in your 1x weekly or 2x weekly sessions.

+ Please book in the same time every week for the entire term. If you will be away for a session and need a make up session, please contact Toni first before booking in.