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Female Focused Strength Training

Be empowered to be the strongest and most confident version of yourself with this strength training program, specifically designed to work with women's hormones and innate power.  


ALL emPOWER sessions are FULLY BOOKED for Term 1. If you would like to know when a spot becomes available, join the waitlist below.


+ Are you wanting to feel strong and confident within your body?
+ Do you want a specific training program that suits your fitness goals, fitness ability, age and shape?
+ Do you want to reap the benefits that strength training has on a women's body, health and hormones?
+ Are you interested in weight training and have heard about its benefits but have no idea where to start or how to follow a program? 
+ Do you want to be fully guided and motivated by a trainer who ensures your technique and level of weights is correct?
+ Do you struggle with staying consistent and need accountabili
+ Do you prefer to train in small groups with like minded women who empower each other?



A strength and conditioning program delivered in small groups of 6 by an experienced coach in a female only strength training studio.


+ Is specifically designed by a trainer with over 10 years experience working in the fitness industry with women. This program focuses on strength training that works WITH the female body not against it. By using special formatting you will be able to see and feel progress in your body and strength and you will feel more confident in technique and the ability to lift heavier. But these sessions aren't just "reps & sets", you will complete functional movements that help your every day life plus have fun with it so exercise doesn't feel like a chore.

+ The small group training atmosphere allows the trainer to personalise the sessions to suit you. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace in every session to suit your current fitness and strength level, any ailments or injuries and how you feel on the day (lifting heavy weights I find is the best stress reliever if its been one of THOSE days). You will work with your body, learning how to program your sessions to suit your hormonal cycle, whether you have a regular cycle, perimenopause or have reached menopause - to feel as powerful as ever! 

+ These sessions are CHILD FRIENDLY - all ages are welcomed!

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1. Best way to boost metabolism: which results in more energy, better fat burning capacity 

2. Increases insulin sensitivity: which results in less sugar cravings, less stubborn abdominal fat, helps with conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and PCOS. 

3. Low impact: puts less pressure on joints and strengthens muscle and bones to reduce injuries and fractures.

4. Helps to balance hormones: strength training helps to regulate oestrogen, which is beneficial in combating perimenopause and oestrogen dominance symptoms. 

5. Improves mood: although cardio is known for its endorphins, strength training has been proven to combat depressive and anxiety symptoms.


My name is Toni, your head trainer!

I am a local mum of two and have been in the fitness industry for 10 years, working solely with women and there is nothing more that I love doing than empowering women to feel their most strongest and confident with their body. My first class I was trained in as a PT was a pump-style class and that is where my love of weights started. There is no better feeling then lifting heavy weights and feeling the muscles burn. 

Working in the fitness industry, I constantly see women avoid weights over the fear that they will get bulky muscles and because of the belief that cardio is the best way to burn calories. Where in fact, strength training is the best way to boost your metabolism which results in a higher capacity to burn calories. My mission is to show as many women as possible how beneficial strength training is and how it will make you feel unstoppable! 

I have designed the emPOWER program to help you learn proper technique so you can lift weights with complete confidence. See and feel the progress of your body, strength and mind and have the ability to lift those heavier weights. To be able to work with your body's natural mechanisms to optimise your training, balance your hormones and alleviate symptoms. 

With my further education in women's health, I will be able to provide extra information that you wouldn't receive in a normal gym program, such as: 

- how to train around your hormone cycle to optimise your strength and energy

- how strength training can help with perimenopause or menopause conditions

- how to strengthen from the inside out if you have had children or pelvic floor / core issues

Let me help you be the strongest, healthiest and best version of yourself yet!

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+ There are 2x emPOWER sessions you can attend per week:

you can choose to attend 1x or 2x sessions per week depending on your schedule and you can attend in either the AM or PM.

+ The session times are currently: 
AM = Wednesday 9:30am & Friday 9:30am

PM = Monday 5:30pm & Wednesday 5:30pm

Monday 6:45pm & Wednesday 6:45pm

+ Each session runs for approx 55 minutes, includes a warm up and cool down

+ The program runs for a full school term block:

allowing 9-10 weeks to see progress and feel stronger within your body. But don't worry once the term is complete, you are not on your own. You can continue attending sessions for as long as you please.

therefore there are only 5 spots available in each session.

+ Due to limited numbers, to secure a spot you will need to 

join on a membership


Memberships help to keep you more accountable and see more progress. Due to limited numbers, it also helps to secure your spot in each session so you don't miss out . Similar to how you book swimming lessons or dance classes for your children, you will pay to secure your spot for a full term. There are different membership options to suit your schedule and payment preferences. We understand life happens and you may need to miss sessions, don't worry there are plenty of options to make up for missed sessions so you don't stop any progress.


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Personalised Small Group Training Sessions

Every session is tailored to suit you and your individualised goals plus any injuries and how you feel on the day. 

The spots available in each session is limited to create a more welcoming environment, where the trainer knows your name and goals. You are surrounded by familiar faces each week, of other women who are all taking the time out of their busy schedule to create the best version of themselves

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Welcome Pack Filled With Extra Goodies

Once you attend your first official class, you will receive a welcome pack filled with extra information, helpful resources, special offers from local businesses and a few goodies to make you feel special. These packs are to say "congratulations on taking the first step in the right direction for a stronger and healthier you". 


Exclusive Facebook Group For Extra Support

The exclusive Facebook groups will create a supportive community where you can ask any questions related to health, fitness, hormones and more. You will also be able to ask Toni any specific questions for more personalised health advice. 

It will also contain at home workouts, recipes, motivation tips and...

Live Q&A's / Webinars on topics such as hormones, perimenopause, stress and its impact on weight + more.

1x session per week

$24 p/wk

Includes 1x emPOWER session per week at your preferred time.



You can trial up to 2x sessions for a price of $10 each. These sessions are obligation free!


$48 p/wk

Includes 2x emPOWER sessions per week at your preferred times.


$55 p/wk

Includes per week:

+ unlimited small group PT sessions 

+ Super Saturday Session

+ Monthly Excursions


You can pay for any of the above memberships in full at the start of term or half payment at the start of term + half payment midterm



Fill in your details below and Toni will get in contact with you to answer any questions you may have about the Restore program. 

Thanks for submitting! You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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