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Pregancy / Postpartum / Mums + Bubs sessions

Strengthen your body from the inside out, helping you feel strong and confident wherever you are on your motherhood journey!


Monday 10:30am & Wednesday 10:30am



+ Are you pregnant and are wanting to continue exercise but want to ensure you are doing it safely?
+ Have you just passed your 6 week postpartum check up and not sure where to start on getting back into exercise?
+ Are you a mum who is struggling to find a time to exercise because you have your children with you?
+ Do you have lower back pain and want to strengthen your core?
+ Or maybe you are someone who has pelvic floor issues and want to be able to run / jump / sneeze / laugh with confidence?

If this SUITs what you are looking for, keep reading...

The restore program

+ Is specifically designed by a Safe Return To Exercise accredited trainer, to help you strengthen your core and pelvic floor so you can feel stronger, more energetic and more confident in your workouts and every day life. 

+ No matter where you are on your motherhood journey, whether you are pregnant, early posptartum, 20 years postpartum or a non-mother who has pelvic floor or core weaknesses, this program is designed to suit you. 

+ The small group training atmosphere allows the trainer to personalise the sessions to suit you. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace in every session to suit your current fitness level or postpartum journey, any ailments or injuries and how you feel on the day (I know how it feels to be up all night with a baby).

+ These sessions are CHILD FRIENDLY - all ages are welcomed!

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+ Are you craving some time to yourself to focus on your own health and fitness?

+ Does the idea of getting some guilt free exercise and socialising with other Mums sounds like blissful?

+ Are you ready to get fit for a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one PT session in a supportive and fun environment?


My name is Toni, your head trainer!

I am a local mum of two and a pre/postnatal accredited trainer. I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade and I love nothing more to see woman feel their most strongest and confident. I believe exercise should be empowering, not a punishment. You deserve to move your body in a way that suits where you are at now and your individualised fitness goals.  

My aim for the Restore program is to help you feel your most strongest, no matter where you are at on your postpartum journey, by strengthening from the inside out. I know how hard it is as a  mum to priortise yourself but I also know how beneficial it is to move your body and feel strong. It makes life feel so much easier and less painful. I will be with you every step of the way, as I am currently 3 months postpartum and dealing with the recovery process of a Stage 2 prolapse.  

If you feel you haven't  "bounced back" OR

struggling with the aches and weaknesses that come with pregnancy/postpartum OR

you haven't found an exercise program that suits you and your children's needs / schedule...

I want you to know you are in safe and welcoming hands. With my own personal experience and further education, I can help you love your body and feel confident again. There is no "pre-baby body" talk here, we are only bouncing forward and creating the strongest version of you! 

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The RESTORE program and its sessions are NOT like the normal gym classes you may be used to...where each week you just turn up to the class you like, with people you may or may not have seen before and be told to exercise exactly how the trainer has programmed the class. 

Instead this program focuses on personalising every session to suit you and your individual needs, goals, energy levels and injuries. 


Instead of general gym classes, the RESTORE program

includes 2x weekly SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING sessions per week:

Small group PT's allows for limited numbers in each session so you will receive full attention by the trainer. You will be seen as a person not just a number, the trainer will know your name and can adjust any exercise to suit wherever you are at on your motherhood or fitness journey.

Small group PT's  also create a welcoming and supportive environment:

 You will see the same faces every class, build friendships, relate to other women who may be going through the same season as you or some that may be able to offer advice to get you through. Together, we will create an army of strong and confident women who don't feel guilty about taking the time to work on themselves and feel proud about the body they are in. 

Every session will follow a specifically designed structure:

The RESTORE program is designed to build your core from the inside out so you can return to the exercises you previously loved doing or start exercising feeling the strongest you will ever be.  In this program, you will follow a specific structure for the length of a school term to ensure you can see and feel progress, feel confident in your technique and know what to expect in each class, so if mum-brain is taking full effect, you won't have to think about it! But these sessions aren't just "reps & sets", you will complete functional movements that help your every day life plus have fun with it so exercise doesn't feel like a chore.


In every session, we will focus on:

- stretching the common tight areas that women experience when growing or looking after a child

- learning how to activate the core and pelvic floor properly to build strength from the inside out

- functional strength and fitness movements to help make everyday tasks feel easier, with less aches and pains

- gentle stretching and relaxation to allow for a little bit of rest and a chance to forget about your never-ending to do list. 


+ There are 2x Restore sessions per week:

you can choose to attend 1x or 2x sessions per week depending on your schedule

+ The session times are currently: 
Monday 10:30am & Wednesday 10:30am

+ Each session runs for approx 55 minutes, includes a warm up and cool down

+ The program runs for a full school term block:

allowing 9-10 weeks to see progress and feel stronger within your body. But don't worry once the term is complete, you are not on your own. You can continue attending sessions for as long as you please.

therefore there are limited spots available!

+ Due to limited numbers, to secure a spot you will need to 

join on a membership:

There are different membership options to suit your schedule and payment preferences. 

1x a week = $22.50 weekly or $202.50 paid in full for the term

2x a week = $45 weekly or $405 paid in full for the term

PLUS = $55 weekly incl. 2x sessions per week + a Super Saturday session

+ Alongside the program sessions, you will also receive:
access to an exclusive Facebook group which includes - live Q&A's, webinars about fitness, women's health, motherhood etc, extra at home workouts, recipes, and  welcoming community of other local mums
PLUS a Welcome Pack filled with extra information, resources and goodies to help you on your health and fitness journey

Ready to feel strong in your postpartum body?


Fill in your details below and Toni will get in contact with you to answer any questions you may have about the Restore program. 

Thanks for submitting! You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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