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These sessions are a 50 minute CIRCUIT style class that includes different exercises and gym equipment to challenge and work your muscles in different ways. Suitable for ALL ages. ALL fitness levels and ALL bodies. Some weeks will include BOXING or HIIT style workouts. PLUS at the end of every month, there will be an EXCURSION to try new styles of exercises such as Yoga, hiking, Pilates, dance and more!


To see what is planned for the week, check out our socials:

women's bootcamp


+ These sessions are booked on a CASUAL basis. No membership required.

+ These sessions are open to ANY FEMALE in Sunbury and the surrounding areas.

+ The session will be held at Dulap Wilam Hub in Sunbury (13 Leichardt St). 

+ There is no limit on participants in this class.

+ All equipment will be provided but if you wish to bring your own mat and boxing gloves (when boxing is scheduled), you are more than welcome to. 

+ Excursions may be held elsewhere and participants will be notified of location upon booking. 

To book in for the next Saturday session, click below!


+ For the next excursion date, please see our socials or click "Excursion" below to book. 

+ Some excursions will have limited spots available. 

+ Some excursions may cost more than a typical Super Saturday session

+ Cancellation policy: no refunds will be provided for a cancellation of less than 48 hours

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