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If you are someone who has tried everything to lose weight or become healthy…
If you are someone who buys food based on what the front of the packet tells you…
If you are someone who stresses or feels guilty about what you eat…
If you are someone who wants to know if what you are eating is helping or hindering your health...
This guide will change the way you eat & give you back your food freedom.


The packaged foods we are eating, no matter how “healthy” they claim to be, are generally filled with CRAP. They are “food like” substances with little or no nutritional value and are mostly filled with toxins such as sugar, salt derivatives, additives and preservatives.

Many consumers eat these foods because of the CRAP the big food companies put on their labels and in their marketing schemes. The health claims on the front of packets are not regulated and there main purpose is to make money.

This guide is here to help teach you how to cut the CRAP (food) out of your everyday diet and cut the CRAP (claims) that the food industry is trying to sell to you.

This guide includes:
- information about calories and portion sizes
- what added ingredients to look for
- what are the macronutrients and there importance
- PLUS informative and easy to understand worksheets that will help you on your next shopping trip

Cut The Crap

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