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How do you show yourself "self love"?

Our May Monthly Challenge for B+BB Members is all about self - love! When you think of self love, does your immediate thought go to loving your body? Or you might think of pampering yourself, getting a massage, having a warm bath with candles and rose petals?

On social media, the word self-love is spread around a lot and most of the time it is either quotes or pictures of all shapes and sizes saying “love yourself” or it is an “Instagram perfect” photo of someone doing a 10 step beauty routine or having a candle-lit bath. Yes - these are forms of self love but for some people…

They are not up to the point of loving their body. It feels uncomfortable and they struggle to “love themselves” so they don’t prioritise self love.


If having a beauty routine or a nice + relaxing warm bath is impossible (hello Mums of young children 🙋‍♀️), then it seems all too hard to add self love into your routine so you don’t bother with it at all.

But there are so many different ways to show your body self love!

Self-love is prioritising you.

Self-love is having a high regard of your own wellbeing and happiness.

Self-love is nurturing yourself and your growth.

Self-love is appreciating your worth.

Self love is ultimately understanding your value and treating yourself in a loving way.

Why self love is important?

Without self love, you will find yourself constantly putting other people’s needs before your own. There is no time to fill up your cup. You will be in this constant rush, filled with stress hormones. You will be depleted, resentful and not able to be 100% authentically you.

Self love allows you to set boundaries and live a life more aligned with your values.

Self love allows you to look after yourself both mentally, physically and emotionally.

Self love allows you to be grateful and have a more positive outlook on life.

Self love allows you to take action and stay motivated.

It is incredibly important for your overall wellbeing!

How to incorporate more self love into your day?

So if bubble baths and massages are one form of self-love, what else can you do to incorporate more self-loving into your day? There are different tasks you can include into your daily routine that focus on different aspects of your health and well-being.

Some tasks that the B+BB members are focusing on in the month of May include:


  • Write down 5 things you love about yourself

  • Take a selfie and comment on at least one thing you love about it

  • Put on your favourite feel good outfit


  • Sleep in or take a nap

  • Drink 2.5 litres of water

  • Mindful eating - go phone free for 3 meals


  • Pick or buy yourself a bunch of flowers

  • Dance like no-one is watching to your favourite song

  • Enjoy your favourite dessert


  • Cancel something you were doing out of obligation

  • Do something that will make you feel proud

  • Take yourself on a solo date


After reading this post, choose one thing from either the list above or another self love task, that you can do to show yourself that you love yourself, that you care about you and your body. If you want extra accountability to get it done, once you’ve completed the task let me know what you achieved 💗


I hope this post inspires you to give yourself some more love and take pockets out of your day to implement self love habits. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, it doesn’t have to be complicated, just simple tasks more often to help you fill up your cup and prioritise your health and wellbeing.


If you’d like to join our monthly challenge “28 Days Of Self Love” and go into the draw of winning a self-care package + massage or facial voucher PLUS receive all other B+BB members perks such as:

  • weekly recipes

  • at home workouts

  • masterclasses on topics such as perimenopause, stress, metabolism + more

  • previous monthly challenges

  • ongoing support, accountability + check ins

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