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Sugar cravings? 3pm itis? Always Hungry? Find out why blood sugar should be an important focus

Blood sugar balance is a hot topic at the moment at B+BB because we have just finished our last monthly challenge which is all about implementing healthy habits that help regulate our blood sugar levels.

It is also a hot topic because after Easter, most people’s blood sugars are a bit out of whack. If you over indulged at Easter time on Easter eggs and hot cross buns OR you are still currently eating Easter eggs everyday to try get rid of them 🙋‍♀️- That is OK! I hope you enjoyed them! But if you feel like now it is time to reign it in a bit, here are my top tips to help balance out your blood sugar levels (and it doesn’t involve quitting sugar so you can still have your cake - or Easter eggs - and eat it too)!


Balancing your blood sugar levels helps to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases such as: heart disease, stroke, dementia, fatty liver disease + more. Balancing your blood sugars also helps to:

  • reduce sugar cravings

  • reduce hunger / hanger pangs

  • increase energy + keep energy levels stable throughout the day

  • reduce brain fog

  • improve sleep quality

  • reduce excess fat around the waistline


A high protein breakfast can keep your blood sugar levels stay stable for up to 4 hours! To achieve a high protein breakfast you want to be aiming for 30-40g of protein. Now this isn’t 2x eggs on toast as two eggs is only 12-14g of protein.

Try these quick options below:

  • 3 egg scramble with cheddar cheese melted through on multigrain bread

  • Big brekky at home with eggs, bacon, baked beans and sautéed vegetable mix

  • Smoothie with protein powder

  • Nut based granola on top of 1/2 cup of yogurt

  • Tofu scramble

  • Overnight oats / weetbix

Or try my at home high protein brekky wrap: RECIPE HERE


Naked carbs are your more carb based / sugar based foods eaten on their own. Because they are mostly made up of glucose (aka sugar), they hit the blood stream straight away which creates a big sugar spike. Then because glucose is a fast burning fuel - like paper on a fire - you burn through it quite quickly leading to a blood sugar crash = low energy.

Now naked carbs are great as a pre-workout meal or if you need instant energy… but if you are having them for breakfast (such as toast on its own) expecting it to help keep you full and energised until lunchtime OR you are having them as a snack (e.g. muesli bar or a banana) while just sitting at your desk, the energy and fullness is only going to last so long before you are back on the sugar rollercoaster.

So to “dress” your carbs, with every meal try get into the habit of choosing at least:

  • 1x PROTEIN OPTION - eggs, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, dairy products, soy products, beans, legumes

  • 1x CARB OPTION - toast, pasta, rice, oats, root vegetables, quinoa,

  • 1x HEALTHY FAT OPTION - avocado, olive oil, nuts, seeds, butter, cheese

  • PLUS EXTRA FIBRE - fruit and vegetables


  • Salad - chicken (protein) + rice (carb) + avocado (fat) + 3x salad vegetables (fibre)

  • Smoothie - yogurt (protein) + oats (carb) + nuts (fat) + leafy green + fruit (fibre)

  • Breakfast - eggs (protein) + toast (carb) + feta (fat) + spinach, mushroom, onion (fibre)

TOP TIP: If you are having your Easter eggs or chocolate, eat it after your meal to reduce the blood sugar spike. Example - make yourself a snack platter with nuts (protein), veggie sticks (fibre) + peanut butter or dip (fats) and then once you eat everything finish off with your chocolate.


You can reduce the blood sugar spikes by moving your body after you eat, especially if it is a carb heavy or sugar based meal / snack. Glucose is our fastest burning fuel so when you consume it, use it! You might opt for a walk after lunch. A quick tidy up of the house after dinner. A dance party in the lounge room. Sit to stand squats on the couch after dessert.


I want you to enjoy your sweets and not feel guilty about it. But if your body is giving you some signals - such as low energy, constant hunger, brain fog, cravings - using these tips will help you still be able to enjoy your sugary foods but balance it out so you feel better throughout your day. Go for protein in the morning, try dress your carbs as much as possible and move your body after a meal for extra energy!

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